Footprints in Time Helps Adults Who Can’t Get Out of House and Caregivers

Story by 9&10 News

From the elderly, to the disabled -- many adults can't and don't get out of the house.

But a local non-profit organization is hoping to change that by giving care to those who need it and to those who care for the adults.

“After (age) 26, other schools and places in the community don't have anything really to offer for them, so we opened our doors to them,” Activity Assistant Carrie McDaniel said.

That's where Footprints in Time steps in.

The adult day care in Missaukee County is open to anyone who isn't normally able to get out into the community -- a help for adults and caregivers alike.

“I'm a caregiver for my brother. He's been with us seven years. I took over as guardian and caregiver after both of my parents passed away,” Judy Rozeveld said.

Judy's brother Jack has a disorder that gives him sporadic seizures.

Someone has to be around at all times who knows what to do if he has one.

After visiting Footprints for a day two years ago, they decided it was a good fit.

“I can schedule my own appointments and not worry about finding someone else to care for Jack. He can be here and I know he's being well cared for, run errands, things like that,” Rozeveld said.

Footprints is all about giving people something to do and helping them feel accepted. A favorite activity is dancing.

“People smile and make people happy,” said Jeremy Young, who enjoys coming to Footprints in Time. “Hanging out and talking, and we pray every morning. It's fun.”

“We give them a place to socialize, to make new friends, to get out into the community, to make themselves known and be productive in the community,” said McDaniel.

The non-profit runs out of Rehoboth Reformed Church in McBain Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

They're looking to get their own building and public transport vehicle so they can expand their outreach.

And for now, are just welcoming people as they come.

“Door is always open. You're welcome to just drop in, you can give us a phone call.”

Call 231-920-7223 for more information.

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