Footprints in Time (FIT) Adult Day Program is a nonprofit, faith-based organization that serves as a multi-generational outreach to individuals in need (health-compromised and/or socially-isolated, older adults) and those who care for them.12193831_1758322061062081_4330015580602154233_n

People with disabilities are less likely to engage in activities and our goal is to help them thrive while giving the caregivers the ability to take time to fill their own needs. Both gain significant health benefits and maintain more satisfied spirits.

Our Mission

Footprints in Time Adult Day Program provides skill building to enhance people's lives for the good of the community.

Our Vision

Alleviate loneliness and helplessness in social isolated people regardless of their infirmities.

Our Values

Footprints in Time Adult Day Program embraces values that are drawn from a faith in God, the Bible, prayer and the foundations of American Democracy. We recognize that every person is created in the image of God and should be respected for his or her ability to contribute to the well-being of others.